Why does Drift charge every 7 days?

As a Drift customer, you might have already read about our seven day billing schedule. We’ve made sure to communicate that everywhere we can - during the signup process, in our introductory emails and of course the weekly statements. With that said, we want to take a moment to explain why we charge the way we do.

First, it’s important to understand how the industry currently works. Traditional utilities work with big banks to make sure they have enough money to purchase your electricity for the month. This involves passing along the interest and other bank fees to you, the customer, in the power bill.

A new kind of company

We do things differently at Drift. Unlike most power companies, not only do we use smart software to get you the best energy prices everyday, but we also work directly with the people who make power.

Drift processes payments every seven days because that's how often your local power makers are paid. By doing this we’re eliminating interest and other bank fees that you're usually charged when paying monthly.

We help you save

Other power companies make more money when you use more power. We don’t. We charge a fee to keep our servers running, to keep our team working on new ways to lower your power bills on a daily basis. Our only mission is to lower the cost of power, for every person, everywhere.

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